Armagnac Guide

Our recommendations for beginners and experienced spirits lovers!

Hunderte Produzenten, drei Regionen, zehn Rebsorten... wo fange ich da nur an?

Da wir uns noch gut erinnern können, wie undurchsichtig der Einstieg in die Welt des Armagnac war, haben wir in diesem Guide unsere Empfehlungen in drei Gruppen für euch zusammengefasst:

  • Einsteiger
  • Whiskyliebhaber
  • Rumliebhaber

Armagnac bietet viele verschiedene Stile, so dass man bei vielen immer wieder bekannte Geschmäcker und Eindrücke von Rums und Whiskys entdeckt. Die eine oder andere Abfüllung hat sich hierbei besonders hervorgetan, so dass wir schon viele Genießer aus beiden Gruppen überzeugen konnten. Viel Spaß beim Entdecken!

Falls ihr Fragen habt oder eine umfangreichere Beratung wünscht, meldet euch bei uns!


Armagnac for beginners


This XO blend from old Armagnac offers a very beginner-friendly alcohol content of 41.1% and is very smooth in taste. Due to the long maturation, however, it still has many facets, so that even the experienced Armagnac connoisseur does not get bored.

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Domaine de Danis 2004

With the 2004 vintage, Danis offers an incredibly fruity Armagnac and shows how elegant young distillates from the Folle Blanche grape can taste. At the Rum Festival in Berlin, this bottling was a hit for beginners to get to know Armagnac.

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L'Encantada Sélection 25ans

With their 20 and 25 year old Sélection Blends, L'Encantada has created two typical Armagnacs of old age. If you want to know what a "typical Armagnac" tastes like with clear grape and barrel aromas, you should take a closer look at the Sélection 25ans.

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Armagnac for whiskey lovers

Domaine de Pellehaut 1996

Pellehaut stands for very complex Armagnac, which embody the typical strength and angularity of the Ténarèze region. This 1996 vintage also offers a lot of spice, dark fruits and leather notes, but without drifting into bitterness.

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Domaine de Danis 1986

Anyone who likes fruity Speysiders should take a look at Danis' Folle Blanche Armagnac. These bring a grandiose mix of bright fruits and spicy barrel aromas. For us, the 86 vintage is the highlight of this style!

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Domaine Lous Pibous 1993 #123

Do you mourn the loss of long-aged bourbons? Then this Armagnac could be something for you. It was completely stored in new oak barrels and thus offers a complex mix of wood, spice and a residual fruitiness without being overwhelmed by the long storage.

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Armagnac for rum lovers

Domaine Séailles 1986 #3

Caroni! Do we need to say more? This Armagnac was repeatedly held by experienced experts to be a rum from the closed Caroni distillery. It brings with it the same dirty diesel and tar notes as the rare Trinidad bottlings. Barrel #4 offers a similar profile but is significantly fruitier and rounder than Barrel #3.

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Domaine Laoué 2004

Do you like unusual aromas and don't mind a little more power? Then you should try this Armagnac with 62.6%! Its grassy notes are clearly in the direction of rhum agricole, but it also brings a lot of "funky" vegetables with it. Doesn't taste like Hampden, but always reminds of it.

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Domaine de Danis 1978

Many old Demerara rums inspire their fans with a dominant "glue nose". This 42-year-old Armagnac from Danis can easily keep up here and also has some parallels to rums from Guyana in terms of taste. €165 is not cheap, but a bargain for this long maturation and quality with déjà vu guarantee!

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