Discover the hidden treasures of France with us!

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In the southwest of France, between Bordeaux and Toulouse, lies the protected area of Armagnac, in which brandy has been produced since the early 14th century. Armagnac is the older but still unknown brother of cognac. You are one of the first to recognize the fantastic quality of this spirit! Do you remember the times when Scotch whiskey from the 60s and 70s was still affordable or when Velier rums were gathering dust on the shelves? When limited releases didn't sell out in 30 seconds?

Welcome to the golden age of Armagnac!

Armagnac offers fantastic quality at fair prices, artisanal products , authentic and family run wineries with a tradition not invented by marketing professionals. There is only one "problem": Due to the many hundreds of small producers, there is an almost unmanageable variety. We want to change this with and offer you comprehensive information about the spirit and the producers. In the shop you will find a selection of high-quality products, which we import directly from France for you. We like to drink rum ourselves, rhum agricole, cognac and whiskey are no strangers to us. We can therefore give you the best advice, whether you are a beginner or a passionate spirits lover.

Discover the hidden treasures of France with us!

Armagnac Guide

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rum and whiskey connoisseur - we have summarized our best recommendations for getting started in our Armagnac Guide!

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Domaine de Danis
Armagnac Ténarèze
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Domaine de Pellehaut
Ténarèze Armagnac
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Domaine Séailles
Ténarèze Armagnac
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Bas Armagnac & Ténarèze (Negociant)
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Armagnac AOC

Armagnac ist ein Gebiet im südwesten Frankreichs, zwischen Bordeaux im Norden und Toulouse im Osten. Seit 1936 ist Armagnac als geschützte Herkunftsbezeichnung (AOC - Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) definiert, was Herkunft und Herstellung streng regelt. Das Gebiet ist in drei Regionen unterteilt, welche sich durch ihre Bodenbeschaffenheit und klimatischen Bedingungen unterscheiden:

  • Bas Armagnac
  • Armagnac Ténaréze
  • Haut Armagnac
Wir sind stolz darauf, euch Armagnac aus allen drei Regionen anbieten zu können! Klickt auf die Karte, um mehr über die Armagnac Regionen zu erfahren.

How is Armagnac made?


Special grape varieties are grown for Armagnac, which are fermented after the harvest and made into wine. This is the basis of the distillation.

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The distillation takes place in a traditional column still, the "Alambic Armagnacais". The result is an Eau de Vie with an alcohol content of around 52% to 60%.

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barrel storage

The aging usually takes place in 420l casks called "Pièce" made of Gascony and Limousin oak.

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