Armagnac vs. Cognac: Was sind die Unterschiede?

Armagnac vs Cognac: What are the differences?

Armagnac and cognac have many parallels:

  • They are spirits or brandies from France and are therefore distilled from grapes.
  • The grape varieties Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche are used for production
  • They come from (different) protected areas in France
  • They are stored in oak barrels

But what are the differences? You can find them listed in the table below:

grape varieties
Ugni Blanc and Baco, as well as Colombard and Folle Blanche
Ugni Blanc (98%), as well as Colombard and Folle Blanche
Additional permitted grape varieties
Plant de Graisse, Clairette de Gascogne, Jurançon Blanc, Meslier Saint François, Mauzac Blanc and Mauzac Rosé
Meslier-Saint-François, Jurançon Blanc, Montils, Sémillon, Select and Folignan
Approx. 2,200ha of vineyards
78,000ha of vineyards
Continuous distillation in column stills, the so-called Alambic Armagnacais.

However, pot stills are also allowed and are used by Delord, Janneau and Samalens, among others.
Double distillation in pot stills, the so-called Alambic Charentais
Alcohol content after distillation
approx. 52% to 60%
about 70%

firing with

wood or gas
Mainly gas

Vintages vs Blends

Production focuses on vintages. Most producers also carry blends. Vintages do not have to be certified by customs.
Focus on blends. Vintages are significantly rarer than Armagnac. Official vintages must be certified by customs (sealed barrels), which is why "Lot 90" and similar designations are often used.


About 55% export
About 98% export

minimum age

VS = 1 year
VS = 2 years

barrel storage

The barrels are made of oak from Gascony and Limousin forests. Wood from local forests is generally preferred.
The barrels are made from oak trees that grew in forests in Limousin and Troncais.


Bas Armagnac = Sandy
Ténarèze = clay + limestone
Haut Armagnac = Limestone

The soil consists primarily of limestone or a mixture of limestone and clay. Sandy soils can only be found on the coast and in more southern areas.

Unstored products

Unstored products may be sold under Armagnac Blanche.

No unstored products are allowed under the name of cognac.

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