Frohes neues Jahr 2024 - Neue Armagnac verfügbar!

Happy New Year 2024 - New Armagnac available!

Dear friends of Armagnac!

We wish you a good start into 2024 and have some delicious new Armagnac for you in the shop!

Hontambère Rare Armagnac Collection Paradise series

As When Hontambère bought the barrels from Domaine Pouchegu, the barrels also included a few vintages from the 1970s. These are now bottled in small quantities as the Paradise series. We are proud to be able to exclusively offer the first handful of bottles from 1973, 1975, 1977 and 1978! If you like long-aged Armagnac and intense wood, you should definitely try it!

Séailles Blanche 2021

We've been waiting for this for a long time, now the first bottles are available. Séailles produced the first batch of Blanche Armagnac in 2021 and bottled it in "Brut de Alambic" at 56%. After distillation, the Blanche was stored in stainless steel tanks and bottled without adding water. For us, this brandy made from Ugni Blanc grapes is one of the best Blanche we have had the pleasure of tasting so far!

Darroze Unique Collection

In the last few months we have received many inquiries as to whether we could add more Armagnac from Darroze to our range. We're starting today with Domaine de la Poste, Domaine de Martin, Domaine de Tucom, Domaine de Bellair, the three Blanche Armagnac and the Biologic 2005. If you would like more domaines from Darroze, let us know!

Baron Gaston Legrand Ténarèze

In 1998, Cognac Lheraud took over the domaine behind Baron Gaston Legrand from a family friend. Since then, fantastic Armagnac has continued to be produced there. To start the shop, we have selected five vintages from the 1970s in cask strength that offer a great price-performance ratio. One could almost say they are too cheap for the quality and age. But let's not be petty 😉

L'Encantada Domaine du Pin 2006 and Frêche 1972

We got two delicious new bottlings from L'Encantada: the youthful Pin 2006 and the very long-aged Frêche 1972.
We first tried Domaine du Pin ourselves at the German Armagnac Festival (early bird tickets for 2024) and are still blown away. Once again a great Armagnac to attract rum drinkers to the French side! 🙂 Fruity, fresh, spicy and intense - just right if you like Agricole.
The Frêche 1972 is one of the oldest vintages still available from Domaine le Frêche. Normally these old vintages are only available on site upon request. After the 72er was able to impress again and again in tastings, there are now a few bottles in our shop.

News from Rounagle

After the 1967 and 1984 (bottled for The Distillates) hit like a bomb, the 1962 and the younger blends VS, VSOP and XO recently arrived. There are also new bottles from 1967 and 1984. If you're wondering about the red wax in the 1984: Hugues from Rounagle filled more bottles in 2022 than were ultimately released by The Distillates. These have been stored in the basement of Rounagle ever since. Since these are the last 12 bottles of the barrel, Hugues quickly decided to use red wax instead of the familiar yellow wax.

Birthday campaign extended

In order to give you enough time to browse for the new Armagnac, we have extended the birthday promotion until tomorrow, January 2nd, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Have fun discovering!

PS: Like last year, a little goodie for everyone who read to the end. We have released a few remaining bottles of the following old releases: Grape of the Art Pibous 1995, Swell de Spirits Hontambère 1989, Swell de Spirits Flashback #7 WIRD 1996 and Malternative Belgium Cognac Lot 79. It's worth being quick! Of course, all at no extra charge to the original RRP.

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