L'Encantada Renaissance Collection Domaine Lous Pibous 1995 #140 70cl (2023)

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Region: Bas Armagnac
Rebsorte: Ugni Blanc Trauben
Alkoholgehalt: 52.3% (Fassstärke)
Flascheninhalt: 70 cl

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L'Encantada Renaissance Collection Domaine Lous Pibous 1995 #140 70cl (2023)

Dieser Armagnac wurde 1995 von Domaine Lous Pibous aus Ugni Blanc Trauben in Bas Armagnac, Frankreich hergestellt.

Er reifte für 27 Jahre in Fass 140 in einem Lagerhaus mit gemäßigtem Klima und wurde 2023 (10/2023) in Fassstärke mit 52.30% abgefüllt. Für die Destillation wurde eine Alambic Armagnacais (Column Still) verwendet.

L'Encantada schreibt zum Pibous 1995: "From the Gascon word for poplars, the Lous Pibous estate was named after the trees at the bottom of the hillside where its vines grow. Located in Mauléond'Armagnac, in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac region, this estate ages its eaux-de-vie in new oak barrels from the region, to further underline its regional identity"

Tasting Notes

On the nose: "A woody, elegant nose with sweet notes that tickle the nostrils, mixed with more aesthetic touches of beeswax and shoe polish, followed by currants.
Dark chocolate! An impression of meringue emanating from a lemon tart... hyacinth. A creamy sensation similar to chocolate filled with cherry liqueur."

On the palate: "On the palate, there's a hint of old wood, a sign of long maturation in rather damp cellars. Spicy notes with hints of dried vegetables.
Figs, dates... The chocolate is replaced by power and length on the tongue. An impression of brown caramel on the finish, with a desire to return to the wine to identify more precisely these complex aromas, which leave a subtle, gourmet imprint."

Die Renaissance Collection 2023

"Encantada Renaissance collection is a real tribute tothe art of distilling armagnac. The three top-of-the-range armagnacs in the range are the fruit of ancestral know-how. 

Each bottle is unique, with a fresco hand-painted by a talented artist, making it not only an exceptional spirit, but also a collector's item.

Kogaone is a multi-media and multi-technique painter from Metz (France). His works leave a lasting impression on the viewer with their dark irony, varied palettes and unusual, even disturbing combinations.

His work is as much inspired by the works of masters as it is by the human being embedded in the codes of his time.

An attentive observer of his contemporaries and their often contradictory natures, he explores the alteration, paradox and discomfort that arise when the familiar is distorted or fractured by external influences.

He distorts a scene from life, displaces or deforms fragments, or combines/opposes photorealism with amore raw, expressionist style of painting."

Flaschenanzahl: 310 Flaschen
Zusätze: Keine Zusätze
Flascheninhalt: 70cl
Artikelgewicht: 1.6 kg
Hersteller: L'Encantada (Route d'Auch, 32290 Vic-Fezensac, Frankreich)


L'Encantada ist ein unabhängiger Abfüller (Negociant) in Armagnac, welcher es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, seltene und ungewöhnliche Stile zu bewahren. Vincent, Fred und Christelle füllen daher alle Fässer in Fassstärke und ohne Zusätze ab. Freut euch auf sehr ungewöhnliche Abfüllungen, welche euch durch ihre Individualität begeistern werden!

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