Malternative Belgium Cognac

Malternative Belgium Cognac #20 La Maison Rouge (Lot 66)

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Region: Borderies (Cognac)
Rebsorte: Ugni Blanc Trauben
Alkoholgehalt: 50.7% (cask strength)
Flascheninhalt: 70 cl

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Malternative Belgium Cognac #20 La Maison Rouge (Lot 66)

This cognac was made by the Raffaud family from Ugni Blanc grapes in Borderies (Cognac), France.

Aged in French oak barrels for 55 years, it was bottled in 2022 (10/2022) by Malternative Belgium at cask strength 50.7% . An Alambic Charentais (Pot Still) was used for the distillation.

Pieter from Malternative Belgium writes about this cognac: "The rural commune of Saint-Sulpice-de-Cognac is centrally located in the smallest of the 6 crus: Borderies. With around 4,000 hectares of vines, this cru accounts for only 5% of all cognac. The soil conditions exist here mainly of clay with flint on a layer of chalk.The Raffaud family estate is surrounded by their own vineyards.A lone passer-by would not suspect that behind the yellow and red facades is a cognac distillery, but as soon as you step inside the gates, the family breathes cognac. Michel and Annie enjoy their retirement, but the family continues the activities. The domain "La Maison Rouge" sells its young eau de vie only to the big brands, never under its own name "Raffaud". After a We were able to bottle Annie and Michel's dowry in the year '66. A cognac and Pineau des Charentes that breathe character. This cellar was not large with less than 15 cognac barrels, but sometimes you don't need more to create an extraordinary spirit to find. This cognac has matured its full age in a 150 liter cask (much smaller than usual), 78 liters have survived, good for 112 bottles at natural cask strength. Sante!"

Flaschenanzahl: 112 Flaschen
Zusätze: No additions
Flascheninhalt: 70cl
Artikelgewicht: 1.25 kg
Hersteller: Malternative Belgium (Malternative Belgium, Kiezelstraat 76A, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium)

Malternative Belgium

Malternative Belgium is an independent bottler from Belgium, which focuses entirely on cognac. Pieter and Ysatis have a fantastic talent for tracking down outstanding single casks and blends from producers and bottling them in their beautiful designs.

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