Malternative Belgium Cognac

Malternative Belgium Cognac #16 Le Roi de l'Automne (Lot 75)

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Region: Grand Champagne (Cognac)
Rebsorte: Ugni Blanc Trauben
Alkoholgehalt: 50.4% (cask strength)
Flascheninhalt: 70 cl

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Malternative Belgium Cognac #16 Le Roi de l'Automne (lot 75)

This cognac was made by Laurichesse from Ugni Blanc grapes in Grande Champagne (Cognac), France.

Aged in French oak casks for 46 years, it was bottled in 2022 (06/2022) by Malternative Belgium at cask strength at 50.4% . An Alambic Charentais (Pot Still) was used for the distillation.

Pieter of Malternative Belgium writes himself: "This exceptional single cask cognac from the mid-1970s is a Grande Champagne of the highest caliber. Handcrafted on a wood-fired small Alambic Charentaise and then aged with great care until the bottling date 30/06/2022. The The result is an extremely refined and ultra-fruity cognac.Rarely have we tasted such a balanced cognac!The result of passion and craftsmanship, a collaboration between father and son.

Olivier Laurichesse and Léa are both from Segonzac, where their roots lie. Olivier comes from a family with a long history in viticulture and cognac distillation. Olivier continued his studies in wine and oenology, gained his first professional experience in Alsace and Médoc and returned to his "own terroir" in 2003. In 2015, Olivier went into business for himself with 40 ha of vineyards in Verrières and Angeac-Champagne in Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. Léa earned a bachelor's degree in wine and spirits trading in 2008 and then completed a three-month internship in New York with a spirits importer and distributor. She then resumed her studies at university and met Olivier in 2010.

In 2018, a marriage and three children later, they founded "Laurichesse Cognac" together to market the cognac casks that Olivier's father, Guy Laurichesse, distilled in the 1970s (on a small 12hl alembic). They now also distill their own cognac from their own vineyards. In 2018, Guy gave his son the keys to his chai, a hidden cellar at the back of the garden of the wine estate in Segonzac. What makes this cognac unique is that it comes from a single cask and has not been blended over the years. A unique spirit that was never marketed and just waiting for the next generation to convince connoisseurs of its great qualities and flavors. Grande Champagne Cognac at its peak!

In the late summer of 2021, during a Cognac trip, we picked up our daily fresh bread at the bakery in Segonzac's square. This beautiful commune is our regular base when we are in France. Here we were advised that the neighbor across the street also has a cognac house. Is that true? We have driven past this small square many times without realizing that a treasure trove of fine cognac is hidden behind the brown gate. We got in touch and a first visit followed in December 2021. The nice and down to earth owners Olivier and Léa introduced us to their family business. We are so grateful and proud of this exclusive collaboration!"

Zusätze: No additions
Flascheninhalt: 70cl
Artikelgewicht: 1.25 kg
Hersteller: Malternative Belgium (Malternative Belgium, Kiezelstraat 76A, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium)

Malternative Belgium

Malternative Belgium is an independent bottler from Belgium, which focuses entirely on cognac. Pieter and Ysatis have a fantastic talent for tracking down outstanding single casks and blends from producers and bottling them in their beautiful designs.

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