1 Jahr Armagnac.de!

1 year Armagnac.de!

Dear Armagnac friends!

1 year Armagnac.de! Armagnac.de officially went online on December 29, 2021 - Thank you for your support, the countless delicious Armagnac and of course all the new contacts and friendships!

As a small birthday gift, we will include a set of free samples with every order (starting today) . The promotion runs until the end of the week (08.01.23)!

Orders over 75€ receive a free sample set with:
- 2cl Wu Dram Clan Aurian 1986 (150€)
- 2cl Grapediggaz Baraillon 1999 Folle Blanche (90€)

Orders over 200€ receive a free sample set with:
- 2cl L'Encantada Renaissance Freche 2006 (239€)
- 2cl L'Encantada Renaissance Cutxan 2006 (239€)
- 2cl L'Encantada Renaissance Artigaux 1989 (239€)

We also unlocked some new and old bottles in the shop:
- Grapediggaz Baraillon 1999 Folle Blanche
- 10 different Domaine de Baraillon bottlings (incl. the fantastic, unaged Eau de Vie de Vin 2020 at 55% )
- Almost 20 different magnum bottles - perfect for the next big party or wedding! ;)
- As a little bonus for those who read to the end: We have a few bottles of the very popular L'Encantada Pibous 1993 #13 , Pibous 1993 #123 , Pibous 1996 #186 , Pibous 2004 #223 and Pibous especially for the birthday 2005 #193 saved - of course without extra charge! The Pibous 2002 #181 is also still available.

Best regards,

PS: For cognac lovers there are also bottles of Grapediggaz Vallein-Tercinier Lot 75 (only two bottles!), Wu Dram Clan Jean Fillioux Single Cask #55-60 and one of my absolute favorites and price-performance kings: Cognac Navarre Vieille Reserve .

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