Black Friday Aktion 2022

Black Friday promotion 2022

Update 11/29/22 00:00: The campaign has ended. Thank you for your many orders! Next year we'll have to think of something less labor intensive :)


Wow, our first Black Friday ! We have come up with something very special for you: you will get some of our favorite armagnac for free as a sample with your order . Depending on the value of the order, we have put together the following packages for you.

Value of goods from 100€ - sample package worth approx. 20€

Value of goods from €200 - sample package worth approx. €40

Value of goods from 3 00€ - sample package worth approx. 6 0€

Goods value from 1000 € - sample package worth #priceless

What do you have to do to participate?
Nothing! Simply order and we will put the samples in the package for you.

How long does the promotion run? Until Monday, November 28th, 2022 23:59 (CET).

Oh no, you already ordered something from us this morning? No problem, the promotion applies retrospectively to all orders since midnight today!

What's new with us? We have had many new bottles from in the last few days and weeks

get in.

    The two new Malternative Belgium releases #18 Le Chef de Meute Lot 75 and #19 La Patine 1928 (both cognac), the two Calvados from Spirits from the Source and two new vintages Séailles are also available ( 1988 #74 and 2000 #17 ). . Grape of the Art fans should take a closer look at the two! ;)

    I wish you lots of fun shopping,

    PS: Since we have not been spared from increased costs, we will have to adjust our prices of many Armagnac upwards from Tuesday, November 29th. Take the chance to treat yourself to the long-awaited bottle!


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