The Distillates - Domaine Rounagle 1967 70cl (07/2022)

The Distillates - Domaine Rounagle 1967 70cl (07/2022)

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Region: Armagnac Ténarèze
Grape Variety: Ugni Blanc Trauben
ABV: 47.3% (Cask Strength)
Bottle Size: 70 cl

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The Distillates Cask Picks No.1 and No.2

The Distillates is delighted to bring you a very limited bottling of two unique Armagnacs from Domaine Rounagle. Who? No one we know had heard of them either, although they have quite a following in Italy. How we found them is convoluted, but suffice it to say that Borger is genetically 32.7% bloodhound. We picked these in the early days of the brandy tariffs. But then Covid hit and you get the gist. They spent nearly 2’ish additional years in oak since we first tried them. These are not your garden variety armagnac. They are opinionated and complex. And frankly, each will appeal to very different palates.

We aren't adding any markup at all for the community if you pre-order. This is at cost and not a cent more. First signup is in Slack, then in two days it goes onto Facebook. The work that went into procuring these bottles was an act of love and passion. We want to see them opened, enjoyed, and debated. Go ahead and take as many as you want, but if the pre-order fills up, then we’ll lower individual allocations to be fair to everyone. If there are any remaining, they will be in Sascha’s shop at full retail.

Armagnac Domaine Rounagle 1967 - “Shaken, not stirred”

The 1967 is a dapper pour that showcases an incredibly rare tropical rancio. Hugues would only let us have 100 bottles in the beginning. He cranked up the price last minute, and I nearly had to break his arm to get any at all. He is keeping this single cask for a 60 year special bottling, so this is all we get lads & ladies. Quality Armagnac still in cask from the 60’s is a rare thing, and I expect we’ll pop the top and treasure each sip together. Sascha, Brian & Dressler were the force behind the 1967. We’re talking about a wonderful balance between the orchard and the garden. Prunes, papayas, bruised pears & mangos, tarragon, walnuts, stewed tomatoes and a brush of Christmas spices. The rancio here is a rare treat - it’s not often you find a brandy that matured beyond the walnut butter and Bleu cheese rancio into the rarified magical land of subtropical fruit.

This Armagnac was distilled in 1967 by Domaine Rounagle from Ugni Blanc Grapes in Armagnac Ténarèze, France. It was aged for 54 years in a dry cellar and was bottled in 2022 (07/2022) in cask strength of 47.3%. A traditional Alambic Armagnacais (Column Still) was used for distillation.

No of Bottles: 233 Bottles
Additives: No additives of any kind!
Bottle size: 70cl
Product weight: 1.5 kg
Producer: Domaine Rounagle (Le Rounagle, 32100 Laroque sur L'Osse, Frankreich)

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