The Distillates Tasting

The Distillates Tasting #18 - Maison Lheraud

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Kategorie: Frankreich
Destilliert aus: Ugni Blanc
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Flascheninhalt: 30 cl

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The Distillates Tasting #18:  A weekday with Maison Lheraud featuring Mr Lheraud

There are but a few independently owned brands in Cognac who, in my experience, command and deserve such a price point as Maison Lheraud. The family has been nurturing spirits since 1860 and continues to distill Cognac, Armagnac and Pineau des Charentes as the generations before. As you can imagine, their cellars contain treasures. I’ve wanted to sit and have a fireside chat with Mr Lheraud ever since I asked a few people at festivals who is their favorite story teller from the region. This will be a good time. We’ve selected two old and rare vintages from each type of spirit they produce.

This won’t be our typical tasting. It will be on a Monday night (french time) to accommodate Mr Lehraud. And while it will have amazing value, as Clément has done us a gift on pricing, it’s got a big old sticker. For those who don’t know, I don’t make any money on these at all. All funds go directly to the domaine and to cover cost of distribution. If you have never tried a Lheraud cognac, just know that I have given more 8s and 9s than any other rating to every pour that graced my glass.  

Tasting Lineup

  • COGNAC Petite Champagne 1949

  • COGNAC Fins Bois 1989


  • PINEAU DES CHARENTES François 1er Très Rare 50 years

  • ARMAGNAC Bas-Armagnac 1952

  • ARMAGNAC Ténarèze 1971



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Set: 6 samples @ 50ml - 60 sets available 

Time: Monday June 17 @ 8pm French Time

Payment: Order in the shop (credit card, paypal or SEPA bank transfer) :)

When will the tasting set ship? Middle to End of May

Can I order other bottles to save on shipping: Yes! Just add them to the cart and checkout. If you already ordered and want to add something, please contact Sascha directly.

Can I add this set to my order with The Distillates Le Frêche 1989 or Grand Môle 1989? No! Most of these have already shipped. The rest is already packed and will ship this week.

Zusätze: Keine Zusätze
Flascheninhalt: 30cl
Artikelgewicht: 2.0 kg
Hersteller: Cognac Lheraud (Domaine de Lasdoux, 16120 Angeac Charente, Frankreich)

Cognac Lheraud

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